NIBS offers training in matters food and beverage, catering, housekeeping, and tourism. With our suitable kitchen facilities, we produce fully baked graduates in the food industry. We also expose you to the touring field and foreign languages.

We link you to very useful exposure/attachments with high-ranked hotels and restaurants as well as touring companies. These platforms prepare our students greatly and grant them experience.

We prepare you to initiate your own catering units and restaurants as business ventures by equipping you with entrepreneurial skills for the field.

With the understanding that Hospitality & Tourism industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in Kenya, we have focused in not only offering market driven courses but also fortifying our training to ensure that we meet the industry needs.

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Learner Centered Training

Our training is learner-centered and highly integrated to ensure that the trainee is equipped with skills and competencies. This ensures that the trainees have a competitive advantage that will allow them to tackle the competitive nature of the industry. If you wish to pursue a career in this industry, you have the opportunity to get cutting
edge training at NIBS Technical College.

Emory Hotel Affiliation

We take great pride in our 3-star sister company, The Emory Hotel which has exquisite accommodation facilities. The facility has 89 tastefully designed rooms in a contemporary and refreshing colourful style, radiating warmth and sophistication, overlooking the Nairobi Skyline. The Hotel also has versatile pre-function areas for conferencing and banquets. We have integrated our training in such a way that all Hospitality students get a chance to have on-job training in the facility during their coursework. This training approach exposes the trainees to the real-world dynamics of the Hospitality industry.